Denver Coffee Fest

June 20, 2018
Denver Coffee Fest
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We’re back from Denver where we had a blast at Coffee Fest! We’re still pretty jacked up from all the freebie samples, but, oh well. That’s just part of being in the coffee bag business. And we like it.

Like always at these Coffee Fests, it was fantastic seeing all of the new products, technology, and trends in the coffee industry. We were showing off our top-shelf bags and hanging with some of our Roastar customers who we finally had the pleasure of meeting.

We want to give a shout-out to the following folks we got to spend some time with in Denver:

Mary Jo and Jenna from The Coffee Fool

Troy from Weirdo Coffee

Ken from Mountain Mama Roasters

Lyle from Elevate Coffee

Amanda from Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery

Jason from Pablo’s Coffee

Simon from Sweet Black Coffee

And last but not least the nice people from Storyteller 

It’s always super cool seeing the people we deal with and make bags for at these shows. As much as we love servicing our customers on the phone and online, face-to-face to meetings are always so much sweeter!

If you missed us at this show, we’ll be at Coffee Fest L.A. from August 19-21. Hope to see you in the City of Angels!

Until then, let us know if there’s anything we can do to take your brand to the next level with some fast and easy top-shelf bags!

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See you soon!

The Roastar Team

posted June 20, 2018