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September 30, 2020
Kahm CBD Stand up Pouch
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Kahm CBD is a family-owned and operated company from Las Vegas that is rooted in the health and well-being of horses. Their original focus was to create a high-quality, consistent, and transparent CBD product for horses. They proudly select organic, American-grown hemp for their products. It is also crucial that all their CBD is third-party lab tested to ensure they use only the highest quality hemp.

The benefits of CBD for horses are like that of CBD benefits for humans such as lowering anxiety, joint pain, and increasing mobility. Kahm CBD products enable animals to be focused and calm when it matters most. Which is why it is used by 7 out of the top 15 highest ranked barrel racing horse. Top-performing horses require top-performing products and Kahm CBD offers just that.

Kahm has gradually built its brand by expanding its product line to include canine and human CBD products. Kahm recently launched their new K9 soft chews and worked with Bo Anushtz to develop unique artwork, while also staying true to the Kahm brand. They wisely choose the stand-up pouch bag style featuring a window to give consumers (and pups) a sneak peek of their product. The custom printed pouch also features a zipper to lock in freshness and maintain the benefits of the CBD. Roastar’s easy to use online ordering process and Bo’s valuable experience got these bags in their hands and their product on the shelf quickly.

As Kahm looks to the future, they are focused on expanding their original line of innovative products for horses and continuing to be a leader in equine, K9, and human CBD products.

posted September 30, 2020