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What's the right bag for your coffee?

Choose from our coffee packaging options to find the ideal solution for packaging your product. Made in the U.S.A. with highly advanced digital printing capabilities and fastest turnaround time in the industry, our custom-printed coffee bags and pouches are simply the best choice for your brand.

A perfect, easy-to-use solution for samples or single servings of coffee. Great option for hotels/resorts, gifts, or special occasions.


Give your coffee the shelf-stable, artwork-forward punch to stand out on a crowded retail shelf.


Your creative showpiece with maximum shelf stability, a classy appearance, and unmatched practicality for your coffee.


Offers excellent versatility in a go-to, practical solution for packaging coffee.

It's not just coffee on the shelf, it's your brand.

Stand out from the competition with custom printed bags from Roastar. Your brand will be impossible to miss with beautiful artwork and high-quality packaging that not only looks great, but keeps your coffee fresh and flavorful. Whether it's ground coffee, whole bean, roasted coffee beans or green, our customer coffee packaging will help you stand out on the shelf.

Flat bottom pouch on gloss laminate for DeFer Amazing Coffee

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The most popular and economical choice if your coffee is going on shelf in grocery stores is the gusseted bag. Another option would be either our flat bottom pouch. (Grocery stores typically don’t like stand up pouches as they take up too much space.)
There are a couple options. We can add a tin tie to either the back or the front of your bag. This is the most popular choice. Another option is re-sealable bag tape, which is less expensive than a tin tie.
The vast majority of our customers are packaging 12oz for retail situations.
  • The flat bottom pouch is a newer style, so the style itself will be unique and stick out on the shelf.
  • The flat bottom pouch has a large opening at the top making it easier for the roaster to fill before it’s sealed shut.
  • A “press to close” zipper is available, which gives the consumer an airtight seal each time the pouch is re-closed.
Oxygen is the enemy of freshly roasted coffee. A degassing valve is a one way valve that is needed for packaging, because coffee gives off carbon dioxide after it is roasted, and the one way degassing valves allows the carbon dioxide to escape from the pouch without letting oxygen back in.
  • Professional look: First impressions are deal breakers and the look of your coffee bag is your first shot at connecting with a consumer. A full color custom printed bag will give the impression that your product is higher quality. Crooked labels don’t make good first impressions.
  • More space for your message: Labels limit the amount of space you have to brand and get your message across. With a custom printed bag you have the full front, back, and side panels to tell your story. The extra space you gain allows your design and content to look cleaner and less jumbled.
  • Less labor & time: Hand labeling bags is a time consuming and tedious task. Custom printed bags come with no assembly required. Drop your coffee beans in and you’re good to go! Less time packaging means more time selling.
We use only premium heat-sealable multi-layered constructions. These materials are engineered to keep your product fresh and prevent oxidation.

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