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How Much Do Custom Printed Bags Cost?

One of the most common questions we hear at a trade show is, “How much do your bags cost?”

We understand why we hear that question repeatedly. Your packaging is an investment, an expense, but not your main product. While your custom printed pouches are important, it's not where you want to spend the bulk of your finances.

Our goal, here at Roastar, is to make the ordering process EASY, starting with the first step…...

1 month ago

Cannabis Edibles Packaging Done Right: An Interview with Kathee Brewer, Director of Content, CANN Media Group

A chat with Kathee Brewer, Director of Content at CANN Media Group to find out what it really takes to make your cannabis edibles packaging work, how to keep up with cannabis packaging regulations, and more!

5 months ago

Introducing Our 5lb Stand Up Pouch!

Introducing our 5lb Bag! Available in black or white in a variety of finishes. Exclusive pricing for labels to accompany our 5lb bag. Only available when purchased with the 5lb bags.

5 months ago

Maximizing Shelf Life - Spice Packaging That Works

Great spice packaging begins with great planning.

5 months ago

Dog Treat Packaging Like A Boss

Creating eye-catching packaging isn't as hard as you think. Check out our guide to becoming a packaging hero and make your competitors whimper with their tales between their legs.

6 months ago

Let Your Packaging Work For You -- Here's How

Designing effective packaging is critical in getting your branding message out there. Struggling to make that happen? Check out our 'how-to' guide!

7 months ago

Kraft Stand Up Pouches

If your mind conjures up grocery store checkout lines when you think ‘kraft stand up pouches’, keep reading. No grocery store kraft paper bags here! Unless you mean customers who’ve purchased your products are throwing them in their grocery bags. And that’s not a bad thing.We Can Meet Your Stand Up Pouch Bag Needs.Maybe your product is oddly shaped or sized so it doesn’t quite fit into a stock size [...]
8 months ago

Choosing The Right Coffee Bags For Your Business

Getting the right coffee bags keeps your coffee fresh, lets you effectively tell your coffee story, and maximizes your brand’s shelf appeal not to mention your profits. Confused about where to start? Check out our handy “Professional EntrepreDOers Coffee Bag Selection Guide” below.Why grabbing the right bag is important - things to consider.You’ve undoubtedly spent countless hours obsessing over and perfecting your product, which is what you should do, so why skimp [...]
9 months ago

Oregon Cannabis Packaging Regulations

Pioneering legalized recreational cannabis use way back in 2014, Oregon set itself apart as a leader in change. Change is inevitable, right? And just like the old Heraclitus saying, “The only thing that is constant is change.”, the cannabis packaging industry is no different. Since the legalization of recreational marijuana use, continuous law and regulation changes have made it challenging to keep up with. A running theme for all states that have legalized recreational cannabis is all packaging [...]
1 year ago

How to Get a Leg Up On the Competition With These Coffee Packaging Ideas

Coffee is more than a beverage used to stay awake during the work hours of the day, and for many, it's a daily necessity. That's why your product, delicious and aromatic coffee, is always a top seller. Yet, even though your coffee is as good as it gets and would beat out even the most mainstream coffee suppliers, you can't seem to get it off the shelves. It could be due to your packaging. Printed coffee [...]
1 year ago

California Cannabis Packaging

The speed of cannabis packaging regulations can be hard to keep up with. Each state has their own nuances when it comes to specific packaging requirements. In California, all products cultivated after January 1, 2018 must be compliant to California’s Cannabis Packaging regulations. The focal point of these packaging requirements is that all cannabis must be packaged in Certified Child Resistant materials. The Certification part of this is vital to meet California packaging guidelines. Conveniently, Roastar’s tear-resistant [...]
1 year ago

Denver Coffee Fest

Roastar's Trade Show Tour Continued in the Mile High City…

1 year ago

NOLA was a whole lot of YESLA!

NOLA was a whole lot of YESLA!

1 year ago

Child Resistant Packaging

Introducing the most effective child-resistant bags ever.

1 year ago

Dark Matter

Coffee. Cannabis. Dark Matter thinks the two go together quite nicely.

1 year ago

Condor Coffee

Condor Coffee and Roastar coffee bags; the perfect example of why small businesses are our jam.

1 year ago

Specialty Coffee Expo 2018

See you in Seattle at the Specialty Coffee Expo.

1 year ago