Roastar 101: A Tour of Our Products and Materials

March 10, 2023
Roastar 101 Part 2
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The right stuff for your stuff: Roastar’s packaging repertoire.

The variety of options in our quote tool can feel like a lot, but each one has its place, as well as its unique advantages. Before you dive in, we highly recommend ordering a sample pack, since this guide walks through everything in it and helps you understand how to pair our packaging with your product!

Your options at a glance.

Before you even think about a quote, it pays to get a handle on your container choices. From bags to tin cans – even paper tubes – you’re bound to find something that makes sense for your product.

  • Gusseted bags, the tried-and-true coffee specialty. Pair them with tin ties for a roll-down bag that’s as space-efficient as it is stylish.

  • Flat bottom bags are one of our roomiest container options, giving your product a stable, five-sided canvas for branding and special effects.

  • Stand up pouches show your designs off loud and proud, with a gusseted bottom for strength and a rectangular profile that stands out on the shelf.

  • Flat pouches make great options for single-servings or samples. They also offer a huge variety of sizes and features like hang holes and tear notches!

  • Tin cans, whether you prefer our straight or beaded variety, combine 100% curbside recyclability with being easy on the eyes. They also keep your products fresh the longest of any of our offerings!

  • Paper tubes are 100% recyclable and boast a biodegradable liner bag. This pick is a one-size-fits-many approach to looking great while conserving resources.

  • Stickers and labels aren’t so much containers, but both are great at spreading brand awareness and making your ready-to-drink beverage or blank packaging unforgettable.

Okay, I picked out a bag. Tell me about these “laminates.”

In plain language, a laminate is any material that’s made of two or more layers pressed together. Usually spun from polymers (plastics) for flexibility and strength, our laminate options let you pick from dozens of features and finishes that compliment what you’re packing, including metallic and holographic effects.

Bright white and see-through styles.

Looking slick.

  • Gloss Laminate is our second most popular bag option, and it’s not hard to see why. The white base material comes with a silky, overlaminate finish that makes any custom design shine and stand out from its shelf set.

  • White Gloss (EVOH) Laminate This is the go-to for products that live in the freezer section and anything highly acidic.

  • Clear Gloss (EVOH) Laminate is as see-through as a still, mountain lake – but with way better barrier properties. When you plan to put a window on your bag for a glimpse inside, go with this material. We’ll cover most of the bag with a base layer of white ink and then print any graphics you specify on top so you only reveal as much as you planned to.

  • Tear-resistant Gloss Laminate combines style, barrier excellence, and maximum security. When your packaging’s goals include keeping the product away from prying young fingers – without sacrificing stunning visuals – look no further.

Matte is where it’s at.

  • Matte laminate could be thought of as our packaging material prom queen – no option is more popular. A white laminate base that’s finished with a luxurious, satin-like texture, this material lends subtle sophistication to any product it envelops.

  • White Matte (EVOH) Laminate is identical in finish to our Matte Laminate option but far better suited for acidic contents and cold storage.

  • Clear Matte (EVOH) Laminate shows off what’s inside the bags through its slightly hazy exterior. Any part of the bag you don’t want totally clear is covered in a base white ink layer and then adorned with your design.

  • Tear-resistant Matte Laminate is your go-to for maximum protection, tasteful style, and a premium feel. Products like cannabis or strong spices will stay safely out of reach in case anyone tries accessing them by force.

A little razzle-dazzle.

  • Rainbow Effects have an eye-catching, holographic shift that tempts shoppers to pick up your product and learn more (a.k.a. play with a shiny thing). The effect is actually a base material layer that comes in gloss or matte laminate variants. We’ll cover any areas that aren’t supposed to shimmer with digitally-printed ink.

  • Polished Metal Effects add inviting depth to any design. Much like its holographic counterpart, this effect is achieved with a base laminate material that’s especially reflective. Pick from glossy, matte, or tear-resistant laminate, then selectively print over parts of it. Gloss metallic laminate creates a brilliant, mesmerizing surface, whereas matte textures lend a high-end quality to your designs. Get the look you’ve been dreaming of without paying huge sums for foil stamping!

It’s only natural.

  • Kraft Laminate is a paper-derived bag option, internally lined with foil to create a maximally-protective material with our most organic look and feel.

  • Tramado Blanco is a beautiful, woven material boasting a premium finish that’s not unlike canvas – only far smoother, sturdier, and cellophane-lined, making it completely airtight.

The closure you deserve.

What your packaging is made of means a lot, but it also needs to open and close securely throughout its shelf life. Our range of zippers, seals, valves, and hang-holes offers solutions for nearly every use case and product.

Zip it.

Our zippers come predominantly in the airtight, press-and-seal variety and are available with the added initial security of a tear notch at the top of your bag. Choose from biodegradable zippers on our 100% compostable bags, a “pocket zipper” option for flat-bottom bags, a zipper made to keep fine powders in their place, or even a child-resistant zipper (with printed instructions on the back of your bag) to deter curious kids.

Black tie optional.

Another classic closure option, our tin ties – which come in black or white – pair especially well with gusseted bags and flat-bottom pouches. This easy, space-efficient approach to resealing has been a food packaging mainstay for good reason.

Sitting pretty or hanging around?

We want to help you maximize your shelf display flexibility. Considering adding a hang-hole to your bag? We accommodate common die-cut shapes like round, sombrero (inverted-T), and euro slot.

Breathing easy.

For products like freshly roasted coffee beans that generate CO2, we highly recommend adding a degassing valve.  Our one-way degassing button valve vents the CO2 from your packaging and prevents the bag from rupturing as coffee beans naturally off gas. Did you know, once coffee is roasted, beans should rest prior to packaging? This prevents the bag from pillowing and allows the beans to naturally off gas.

Planet-friendly picks.

Of course, we’re proud to offer a growing range of materials that maximize sustainability; paper and compostable bags don’t just look nice, they go easy on the Earth. Our 100% curbside recyclable tin cans and paper tubes are exciting newcomers to the packaging party. Here’s a peek through all of your more ecological options.

Compostable containers.

  • Compostable Kraft Laminate is a beautiful, sustainable bag option that offers the friendly feel of brown paper coupled with FDA clearance and six-month shelf life. This pack’s metalized cellophane lining creates an oxygen and moisture barrier that keeps your product cozy and maintains its seal integrity up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit – whew!

  • Compostable White Laminate offers the same benefits and organically-textured finish as its Kraft sibling. Its clean, white exterior is easy on the eyes – especially when paired with your custom design.

100% Recyclable (a.k.a packaging reincarnation).

  • Tin Cans come in two beautifully-retro styles – straight, with room for about a pound of goods, and beaded cans, which are slightly shorter and have room for roughly 12 oz. You have the choice of printing directly on cans or designing a separate label we’ll apply for you. Top them off with a resealable lid made of plastic or metal!

  • Paper Tubes are rigid, two-piece containers with biodegradable liner bags. They come in cozy shades of brown and white, offer several label options (many of which incorporate post-consumer material), and close snugly with a clear round seal sticker.

Get inspired by outstanding packaging from the brands we work with!

Pillar 2 Customer Images

I still have questions...

That was a lot of info, but we may not have covered exactly what’s on your mind. For example, which bags are most resilient in the face of harsh chemicals? Can you put the fine powder zipper on a Clear EVOH Gloss bag (yes)?

Not to worry! To help you get your bearings before you dive into our quote tool, we’ve prepared a handy chart that spells out our material recommendations and compatible feature pairings.

So what do we recommend (and why)?

There’s a reason we do things the way we do – and why we think it’s the best possible path for small businesses that want to look like a big deal.

Digital printing has exploded in popularity, offering a high-quality, affordable way for businesses – especially those without physical stores – to make an impression and build a tangible brand identity without placing orders in the thousands. Of course, we could’ve told you that ten years ago. But hey, we’re more than happy to bring over a decade of experience to each new customer relationship that this realization sparks!

Sustainability initiatives have led companies as large as Coca-Cola and Kellogg to rethink the way they’re packing their flagship products. As consumer demand continues to push further in the direction of planet-friendly packaging, we’ll continue leading the charge and innovating by listening to what our customers want. You know, that’s actually the perfect segue into our next section…

Roastar Sustainability Initiatives

As a pretty big deal in the custom packaging world, it’s our opportunity and responsibility to raise the sustainability bar. We’re providing more recyclable materials, completing thorough life cycle testing, and building close partnerships with organizations that share our green goals. Our leadership meets weekly to make that happen.

Compostable bags, tin cans, and paper tubes have been a phenomenal push, but the thing is, we’re just getting started. The plan is to offer a sustainable version of every single one of our packaging options.

Why stop there, though? We’re also shooting for maximum transparency. Once we’ve crunched all the numbers, we’ll tell you plainly if something that sounds super planet-friendly might actually be a bigger resources strain, in some situations, than a run-of-the-mill alternative. That’s just common sense when you’re not in it for pats on the back. We sincerely love this planet.

Now what?

In Part I, you got our story and philosophy. Now you’re (almost) an expert on our product and material offerings. Can you guess what comes next?

Well, if you haven’t done it yet, you should absolutely order your free Roastar Sample Pack! It’ll help everything you learned today stick ten times better and give you complete confidence in everything we make (not that that wasn’t already the case).

After that, visit our Quote Tool and say hi to a couple of familiar terms. The next Packaging 101 installment, coming soon, will lead you all the way through building a quote, right up to tips on creating custom designs. Keep an eye out for it!

Click here to read part three of our Packaging 101 series. As always, we’re more than happy to answer any of your questions and make your custom printing journey as smooth as possible!

posted March 10, 2023