Kraft Stand Up Pouches

January 11, 2019
Kraft Stand Up Pouches
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If your mind conjures up grocery store checkout lines when you think ‘kraft stand up pouches’, keep reading. No grocery store kraft paper bags here! Unless you mean customers who’ve purchased your products are throwing them in their grocery bags. And that’s not a bad thing.

We Can Meet Your Stand Up Pouch Bag Needs.

Maybe your product is oddly shaped or sized so it doesn’t quite fit into a stock size stand up pouch? Sweet! That’s our jam. We produce multiple stock sizes as well as myriad custom sizes.

Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches

Getting your product noticed is crucial, right? Level up your game already, get some heads turning, and make an opportunity happen. Capture attention with some amazing bags covered in your company’s bold ‘uniquely you’ statement using custom printed stand up pouches. Also, print on the bottom gusset to get the most out of your packaging!

Options And Benefits

Foil Lining

Foil lining means your product stays fresher longer by keeping the oxygen out, making it perfect for long-term food storage. The foil barrier protection will also keep oils from darkly roasted coffee or other products from soaking through to the outside of the bag. We’ve all seen breakfast toast butter soaking through 3 layers of the morning newspaper. Ensure the goodness stays in the bag!

The foil lining is also completely heat sealable, allowing your hermetically sealed bag to keep stuff out. Like children. And cats.

Resealable Zipper

Adding a resealable zipper maintains the freshness and quality of your coffee beans or other product after the bag’s been unsealed. A quick zip, and voila! Freshness sealed in by the stand up zipper. Keeping it fresh equals happy customers, equals more repeat business.

If you’re packaging pet foods especially for cats, a resealable zipper will be appreciated by your customers. Keeps the aromas in the bag and the cats happy. Laser pointer, anyone?


Natural kraft stand up pouches offer really great shelf stability. The bottom gusset provides an excellent platform on which to stand and shout about amazing products inside. They really stay put; nearly bulletproof.

Tear Notches

Tear notches...exactly what it sounds like.

“An angular or V -shaped cut, indentation, or slit in an object, surface, or edge.”

Adding a convenient tear notch allows your customers to easily open their stand up pouch and get at the goodness you put inside. The best part about it? They’re free. Add customer convenience at no charge to you!

Filling Your Bags

Bag filling is made loads easier with a stand up pouch. Unlike a gusseted bag or flat pouch, they stand up on their own once opened, making filling smooth and quick. They can be filled manually or using a machine. Bonus!

Good Value

Packaging costs usually constitute a fairly significant portion of the finished product. Kraft stand up pouches are a better value than other packaging styles made of the same material since they’re relatively easy to manufacture. Additional excellent benefit: Roastar is the industry turnaround time leader at manufacturing custom printed stand up pouches. 

Bag Appeal

Kraft material gives your bags that hand-made, artisan look which consequently appeals to so many customers. Add a little flair to the natural feel by creating a natural kraft pouch that speaks directly to your customer base. Toss into the mix some creative artwork, some custom printing, and you’ve actually created the perfect bag for your product. Tell your story in style.

Food Grade Packaging

With a FDA Letter of Guarantee in our back pocket, our high standards mean you can rest assured we’re keeping in mind your high standards regarding your food packaging needs. A short list of foods some of our customers are currently packaging include: coffee, pet treats, spices & seasonings, candy, chocolate, vitamins & supplements. Unsure if your product is a good fit for a kraft bag? We have alternative material choices available.

Ordering from Roastar is easy - get started by calling our highly trained customer service reps. Not a phone person? No problem! Visit our website and start your custom printed bag project rolling there. If you need it, we’ll guide you through the entire process with our online chat. We’re constantly improving our website to make the process even easier than it already is. And something we’re really proud of - our bags are made in the USA, not to mention the fastest turnaround time in the industry!

Order stand up pouches now!

posted January 11, 2019