6 Benefits of Stand Up Pouches

October 30, 2019
Custom Printed Roastar Stand Up Pouch
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Functional. Durable. Versatile.
Just a few words to describe our Custom Printed Stand-Up Pouch. 

1. ALL THE VERSATILITY  –  This powerhouse of a package offers endless benefits and has become one of the most widely used bags in the retail market. Pet treats, cosmetics, coffee, food, nutraceuticals, snacks, cannabis, spices; there isn’t a market that doesn’t rave about our stand-up pouch!

2.  ALL THAT BRANDING –  We have a wide range of customers that utilize this package, not only house their product but preach their brands! The stand-up pouch offers an every-inch-of-the-bag branding area with printability on the front, back, and bottom. Considering the extensive branding space a stand-up pouch offers with Roastar’s impressive digital, vibrant, high-quality print, there is no stopping this bag from shouting your brand from the rooftops, or the retail shelf at least.

3.  ALL THE SIZES – Retail shelf space is limited and valuable. You need to make the most out of the space you’re granted. Stand up pouches just might be the most accommodating bag out there. Roastar offers 10 (yes, TEN) standard sizes and a range of custom sizes from 1.5” to 12”. The vast range of size options can accommodate any shelf space, no matter how large or small. Increased shelf presence equals increased sales!

Smaller stand-up pouches work great for product samples, vitamin packs, tea bags or single use products. Our customers have also used our small sized bags for hotel rooms, branded company samples, and customer corporate samples.

Our larger stand-up pouches work great for food products such as snacks, chocolates, popcorn, protein powders, cannabis and, edibles. Even the pet industry loves the stand-up pouch, using them for dog treats, cat treats, we even have customers that use this bag for chicken food!

4.  ALL THE MATERIAL OPTIONS – Our stand-up pouches are constructed with durable, puncture resistant, moisture resistant and oxygen resistant high barrier materials to keep your products fresh. In addition to the bag material being functional, it can be utilized to accentuate your artwork and branding. We offer kraft stand up pouches for a more organic appearance. Our fully compostable stand up pouches is an excellent option if you’re looking for a more earth friendly option (high five for sustainability!). If you’re looking for something flashier, our metallic material can achieve that! Our stand-up pouches can also have windows to give your customers a sneak-peek of your product.

5.  ALL THE EXTRA FEATURES – Our stand-up pouch is available with many additional features that make for more convenient usability. Our zipper is a great option for products that require resealing. We also offer a fine powder zipper that is an excellent option for protein powders, baking powders, chalks and other nutraceuticals. If your product needs to be kept safe, our Child Resistant Zipper (CRZ) options are innovative and reliable. A simple hang hole is also an option to make your bag displayable in multiple ways. For single use products, a tear notch offers tamper evident option. Our degassing valve allows customers to smell your product without sacrificing freshness (this is our coffee customers’ favorite!). So many options…. we weren’t kidding!

6.  ALL THE ORDERING DETAILS – Roastar’s stand-up pouch offers one of the lowest MOQ (minimum order quantities) in the industry.  Only 1,000 bags! And to sweeten the deal even more, we allow you to use multiple artwork files (all the SKUs) to meet that minimum. We just require a minimum of 100 bags per artwork (SKU) file. In summary, you could order 1,000 bags with 10 different artwork files!

We also offer the fastest turnaround time in the industry for custom printed stand up pouches. Our digitally printed pouches allow lead times faster than traditional printing methods. Get your bags in weeks, not months!

The stand-up pouch is affordable and accommodating. What’s not to love about this awesome bag?

We’d love to help you find your perfect Stand-Up Pouch, in the perfect size, with the perfect options.

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posted October 30, 2019