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March 30, 2019
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As with all food packaging, spices require superior packaging to retain their optimum freshness until used. Not exactly groundbreaking news since everyone already knows that. Selecting the perfect spice and seasoning packaging requires a little forethought, a little planning, and a little guidance.

Be Intentional With Your Spice Packaging

What’s your packaging goal? Let’s assume there are two main goals here: retaining product freshness and building brand awareness. But there’s much more to packaging bags than meets the eye.

Package Design Considerations

First impressions are pretty important! We’ve all heard the quote “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” Your package needs to tell your brand story and capture attention. While great packaging catches your eye, it also needs to protect its contents and keep it fresh.

Don’t worry if you’re not a designer. Check out our ‘Find A Designer’ section and collaborate with an experienced packaging designer.

Package Use Considerations

How much product will go in each bag?

That will have a significant impact on the size of the bag you need. Roastar manufactures small bags for spices in a wide range of sizes and materials. Sticking with stock sizes saves you time and money, but custom sizes are available as well.

Will the package be used one time or will it hold enough product for several uses? This is important, too, since it determines the packaging style to use. A stand up pouch with a resealable zipper works great for a multi-use product whereas a custom printed flat pouch with tear notches works best for a single-use product.

Both shapes work well for retail spice packaging. Select a hang hole as an option and it’s perfect for hanging on retail peg boards.

Do you plan to package spices in bulk?

No problem. We also manufacture several styles and sizes for packaging larger quantities of spices and seasonings.

Eat Your Heart Out, Stale Spices

Turns out that just like coffee, exposure to oxygen and sunlight causes stored spices to quickly go stale. Keeping them as fresh as possible requires an air-tight package stored out of direct sunlight. Similar to coffee, probably don’t store spices in the freezer. Each time the package is opened, a bit of air enters and forms a little condensation.

Returning it to the freezer creates some freezer burn, adding unwanted flavors to your spices and seasonings. Think: that coated paper half gallon ice cream container left over from the Fourth of July. Opening it reveals a tub of ice crystals instead of ice cream. Ok, ok. Guilty. I’d still eat it too - it’s ice cream!

What We Recommend

Don’t store your spices in paper bags. Remember that part about oxygen? Paper bags don’t do a good job keeping oxygen out.

Do add a resealable zipper to multi-use pouches. It seals in the freshness while keeping everything else out.

Do the research to find the perfect bag for your product. Order our sample kit and do a product fill test. It’s the best way to quickly get your hands on our bags and experience the high quality of our print and manufacturing process.

Do use a professional designer. It’s worth it. They’ll save you time, money, and headaches from trying to do it yourself.

Did You Know?

Roastar has a FDA Letter of Guarantee, meaning our packaging is food safe. Our high standards mean you can rest assured we’re keeping in mind your high standards regarding your spice packaging needs.

So that’s a wrap! Conveying your message in style is what we do. And it’s never been easier or faster. Give Roastar a call today at (866) 516-7247 or use our website to get started on your custom printed spice bags.

posted March 30, 2019