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September 30, 2021
100% White Compostable
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We never talk trash at Roastar…we just talk compost!

Here is what we currently have to offer for compostable products;

Product #1) Our White and Kraft Compostable Laminate films and paper components are made from certified compostable materials for industrial compostability that is perfect for products needing fantastic barrier properties. This material can be used for tons of different products, but is most popular for coffee, tea, chocolate & specialty foods. This material is available in a multitude of sizes as a side gusseted, stand-up pouch or flat pouch bag style.

Product #2) Our Compostable Zipper, which not only helps keep your product fresh by creating an air-tight seal, but it also is certified biodegradable and a great pair with our compostable white and compostable brown kraft materials. Our compostable zipper is now available in just about every size! That means you can get white or kraft compostable stand up or flat pouches in any standard or custom size up to 9.64" wide.

Both of these products have a guaranteed shelf life of 6 months and are FDA approved for use with direct food contact.

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posted September 30, 2021