How to Get a Leg Up On the Competition With These Coffee Packaging Ideas

August 10, 2018
Coffee Packaging Ideas
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Coffee is more than a beverage used to stay awake during the work hours of the day, and for many, it's a daily necessity. That's why your product, delicious and aromatic coffee, is always a top seller. Yet, even though your coffee is as good as it gets and would beat out even the most mainstream coffee suppliers, you can't seem to get it off the shelves. 

It could be due to your packaging. Printed coffee bags sporting your logo and design are essential to getting coffee drinkers to love your coffee. If you're looking for a new angle for your coffee packaging design, here are a few suggestions. 

Fully Designed Gusseted Bags

If you're looking to get the most out of your packaging, then gusseted bags are the way to go. They not only make quite the presence on the shelf but you can utilize the entire package space to get the most out of your design. Use the front for your logo and key design elements, such as a hammer and anvil for bold, strong coffee or sun setting over a shoreline for your blonde, Caribbean-style blend. Add your story and nutritional facts on the back with patterns on the sides and voila, instant success with your custom printed coffee bags. 

Flat Bottom Pouches

Concerned about your coffee bags falling off of the shelves rather than flying off? Consider using flat bottom pouches to ensure that your coffee has a strong base. You can use much of the same design principles that you'd use with gusseted bags, and you won't have to worry about an overstuffed shelf knocking your product out of the running. These versatile bags give your product a thoughtful consideration and can add convenience to boot. 

Geo-Themed Designs

Do you provide coffee from various regions of the world? Maybe you sell popular coffee options based in the most populated cities in the country. Whatever your game plan is, incorporating geographically-themed designs can really boost sales. It can be as simple as a common tapestry design attributed to that region or an iconic image that everyone knows is from that place. A good coffee bag design is all about show and tell, not just tell.

Not surprisingly, 54% of people over the age of 18 in the United States drink coffee every day. That means you have a product that is in high demand. Match that demand with quality designed, custom printed coffee bags and your product is sure to sell. 

Do you sell coffee? Are you looking for coffee bags for sale? Give us a call today.

posted August 10, 2018