Dog Treat Packaging Like A Boss

March 01, 2019
Trudog Stand Up Pouches
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People love pampering their dogs and probably so do you, which is why you’re building a business creating dog treats in the first place. Sales of private label dog biscuits/treats/beverages in 2019 is projected to hit 66.6 million units1! Ever pondered how to professionally package your pet treats or what the best information on the dog treat bags is? It’s not as difficult as you might imagine.

Sticking with a few basic design guidelines will help you create an eye-catching package.

Packaging design should capture consumer attention. It needs to be unique to your product and company. Next time you’re shopping, pay attention to packaging stands out. What was great about it? How did it catch your eye?

Have you ever wasted time combing retail shelves trying to locate that specific awesome product you previously purchased? At best, it’s seriously frustrating. Attention grabbing packaging is effective and easy to spot. A recent study conducted by The National Packaging Institute of North America revealed that consumers abandon their unsuccessful product search after just 7 seconds2 making them more susceptible to choosing a competitor’s product. Don’t be the guy whose package isn’t memorable.

What information goes on pet food packaging?

Well, that depends. Obviously, tell the customer what’s in the bag. A pouch containing a clear window allows customers to view product quality. At bare-bones minimum, attempt to build an emotional connection with your customers. Make your packaging design work for you!

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Tell your story through your packaging.

It’s much more than just simple packaging; it’s your company sales pitch. Did your journey begin at the kitchen table and develop into a company? Does your product have health benefits, possibly resulting in fewer future vet bills? Inform the customer why their dog will love your product more than a competitor’s product. Consumers love a personal story. Make that emotional connection.

Keep in mind there may be specific packaging requirements in your area. There may also be regulations required for online sales. Check the FDA site for specific information.

You probably have a spectacular vision for your packaging design but you’re not a designer. Fortunately, help with packaging artwork is a click away. Check out Roastar’s ‘Find a Designer’ section. It’s sort of like Tinder for packaging designers and designees. Collaborating with an experienced packaging designer ensures your custom printing will be done well.

Not certain which pouch is a ‘best fit’ for your product? With a plethora of shapes, sizes, materials, and packaging options available, it can be a little overwhelming to select the right bag for your product. Choosing proper packaging depends on many factors.

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What are you bagging?

Is it wet or dry? You’ll need to select the proper material with the correct barrier film.

Will the bags be filled manually or by machine?

Will you sell in a retail location? You may need UPC codes.

A flat bottom pouch or stand up pouch will work exceptionally well for retail applications. Printable on all sides with excellent shelf stability, either is an awesome choice for getting across your company message. A gusseted bag, similar to a quad seal bag, is also a great choice but slightly less shelf stable.

Is it a single serve product? A flat pouch is ideal for packaging single servings.

Or are there multiple servings in a single package?

Each bag type has unique characteristics which make it a perfect match for your pet products. Roastar has a FDA Letter of Guarantee, meaning our packaging is food safe. Our high standards mean you can rest assured we’re keeping in mind your high standards regarding your dog food packaging needs.

For a detailed explanation of styles and options, see our earlier post: Choosing the Right Coffee Bags for Your Business.

Conveying your message in style is what we do. And it’s never been easier or faster. Give Roastar a call today at (866) 516-7247 or use our website to get started on your custom printed dog treat bags.


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posted March 01, 2019