Create Your Custom Printed Coffee Bags

December 06, 2019
Dark Matter Owl Coffee Bag
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Helps Your Brand Compete with the Big Dogs

A stroll down the coffee aisle at your local supermarket will show you there's already a lot of competition. But what do the most famous coffee brands have in common?

Top-shelf coffee brands use high-quality packaging. These brands also have refined designs with vibrant colors and precise fonts. Plus, quality packaging makes people believe the product itself is high-quality too. 

If you choose digitally-printed coffee bags, your custom coffee bags and coffee will be as legitimate and professional as the major brands. Your brand will be on an even playing field, so shoppers might be more willing to give your roast a try.

You Can Experiment with Your Bag Artwork

With digital printing, the artwork possibilities are practically endless. If you can design it on a computer, you can print it on a coffee bag. You can print on a variety of bag sizes and order small batches of one, or multiple, designs. You don't have to order thousands of bags with the same design. Instead, you can create a few unique designs and get several hundred bags of each one.

Digital printing also makes it easy to test different artwork options. Take inspiration from this year's packaging design trends, and create a few different designs. Then, see which design resonates with your customers.

You can also take more creative risks. Say you want to be known as the coffee brand that promotes the work of up-and-coming artists. Each month you could hire a new designer to create packaging. 

This strategy tells your customers that you're a creative brand that's always trying new things. Your customers will visit the coffee aisle just to see the new design you've brewed up.

Custom Printed Coffee Bags Will Speed Up Your Production Time

Digital printing is a much faster process than flexo or gravure. Depending on the design you choose, you can expect your bags in as little as 10 days. You'll spend less time waiting for your coffee bags to arrive, and more time selling your latest roast.  

Plus, if you currently use adhesive labels, upgrading to custom printed bags will save production time. When you're filling the bags with roasted coffee, you won't have to stop to stick on a label. You can just seal the bag and move on to the next one. Our side gusset bags or stand up pouches are great bag styles to launch your brand. 

Your customers will get to enjoy your delicious coffee that much sooner.

Upgrade Your Shelf Appeal Today

Custom printed coffee packaging will make your brand look more professional. Quality packaging will help your product stand out and help you gain loyal customers.

Ready to upgrade your coffee brand's packaging? Contact us today and we'll help you create the perfect digitally-printed package for your coffee.

posted December 06, 2019