How Much Do Custom Printed Bags Cost?

July 26, 2019
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One of the most common questions we hear at a trade show is, “How much do your bags cost?”

We understand why we hear that question repeatedly. Your packaging is an investment, an expense, but not your main product. While your custom printed pouches are important, it's not where you want to spend the bulk of your finances.

Our goal, here at Roastar, is to make the ordering process EASY, starting with the first step…...

Getting a Quote for your Custom Printed Bags

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One of the best features of our website is the ability to get a quote online instantly for your flexible packaging. Our instant online quote page allows you to enter the bag style you prefer for your product, what features you’d like to have and what quantity you’ll need.

First, you’ll be asked, “what are you bagging?”. Are you looking for custom coffee bags? Tea bags? Cosmetics Bags? Heck, we make custom printed packaging for clothes. If it can go in a bag or pouch, we can build a bag for it.

From this page, you’ll be asked to select what bag type you’d like a to have quoted. We offer flat bottom bags, flat pouches, gusseted bags and stand up pouches. All are great bags that offer different benefits. Not clear on the difference between the bag types? Click here to see a previous blog that summarizes our bags.

After choosing your bag type, you’ll see a list of standard bag sizes in a drop-down menu. Again, all sizes are great for different applications. Our smaller bags and pouches are great for samples, single-serve or smaller products that require minimal packaging. While our bigger bags are great for bulk products, powders, popcorn, and more expansive products. Other products we offer include roll stock and blank 5lb bags. Not sure what bag size will work for your product? Click here for a sample pack that contains a variety of our bag styles in many sizes.

Next, you’ll choose your material type. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, we offer many options. This is where our sample pack can be helpful again.

After choosing your bag style, bag size, and material, you’ll have the option to choose your ‘extras’. Depending on the bag style we offer zippers, tear notches, tin ties, degassing valves and hang holes. We even have child-resistant zippers available!

Play around with our online bag quote generator and see what bag styles and features to suit your product and your budget. If you’re interested in seeing what quantity breaks get better prices, just enter the quantities you’d like to compare! Our minimum order quantity of just 500 side gusseted bags keeps your cost low.

A few easy steps and BOOM. You have a quote instantly that is to your specifications!

posted July 26, 2019