Roastar bags appear on Shark Tank with Good Air Team

December 18, 2020
Bag selection and configuration
K9 mask stand up pouch
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K9 Masks by Good Air Team

Kirby Holmes spent many summers traveling to southern California to visit his grandparents in Ojai. During those summers, stories would be shared about the devastation of the wildfires that had ravaged southern California. Given the recent intensity of wildfires around the country, Kirby began thinking about the need for people to wear air filter face masks to protect themselves from the smoke.  He became fascinated with the impact air quality had on humans and the dangers associated with harmful pollution. After the original human masks were launched, he noticed a customer searched for dog masks on his website, sparking his grand idea.

In 2018, Kirby and his cousin Evan began working on a prototype for dogs that allowed them to breathe and pant comfortably while protecting them from harmful pollution. After creating a successful prototype and launching a Kickstarter fund, they raised enough money for a complete production run of the masks. During this time, they realized there were numerous situations that these masks could be lifesaving for dogs. These masks would protect canines from the harmful toxins being released after a volcano eruption in Hawaii and protect against the toxic agal blooms along the beaches on the coastlines of Florida. This all leads to the growth of their company and the growth of their packaging needs.

K9 Masks packaging started by putting their masks in clear stand-up pouches that were lined with inserts, containing their logo and instructions on how to properly use the mask. It was a tedious operation to fill the pouches and not damage the insert. As they grew, they knew this was not a viable long-term solution. When the opportunity came to pitch their product on Shark Tank, they knew they would have to up their shelf appeal to convey a strong brand and product to the investors. This began their search to find the right packaging company. After many Google searches, Roastar stood out as a perfect match because of our easy to navigate website and clear-cut solution to provide them with a custom printed pouch. They went with a stand-up pouch, featuring a window that showcases their product to the customer on the shelf. The added zipper also allows for easy filling and storage for the masks between uses.

Roastar’s ability to print multiple artwork files in a single run was a huge advantage to accommodate the different styles of masks. Our low minimums and fast turnaround times gave them the ability to quickly get bags to the production set in time for filming. With 2021 right around the corner, K9 Masks by the Good Air Team will be taking advantage of Roastar’s price breaks and preparing for substantial growth. While the pandemic has been difficult, one thing we can all agree on is that we will do what we can to protect our furry friends.

posted December 18, 2020