Introducing Designer Showcase, Our Creative Network for Packaging Designers

June 15, 2020
Graphic designer writing notes on custom printed packaging designs
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At Roastar, we love every bag that crosses our presses, and in 2020 we want to showcase our passion for the incredible artwork that we see each day by creating a dedicated place for the people who bring our customers’ products to life. To do so, we’ve launched Designer Showcase, Roastar’s creative network for graphic designers. Designer Showcase is a place where graphic designers can connect with one another, Roastar’s unique customers and the Roastar team on projects, design tips and more.

“We see some really cool artwork each and every day and want to spotlight the awesome designers our customers work with,” said Will Reif, President of Roastar. “Designer Showcase is the place for our graphic designers to showcase their work and interact with our customers on packaging jobs. We’re also hoping to grow this designer organization and enhance it throughout the year, hosting contests and various awards that designers can enter into.”

As Designer Showcase grows, we will be creating a custom portfolio section on our website for each graphic artist to showcase their expertise in the design field and their portfolio of work. The design network will also offer technical tips for designers on crafting the perfect bag design on the first try, simplifying the packaging process at Roastar. 

Graphic designers have a variety of projects and jobs to work on when partnering with the Roastar team. From coffee to cannabis, Roastar is the expert in product packaging. If you’re a graphic designer, join Designer Showcase and take your packaging design career to the next level!

posted June 15, 2020