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October 02, 2019
Henry's House Of Coffee Bag
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“Coffee is not just a business, it’s also part of our lineage.” – Hrag Kalebjian - Henry's House of Coffee

Every coffee roaster has a different starting point, some have deeper roots than others. Henry’s House of Coffee’s success began in 1965 when Hrag’s father, Henry, started roasting coffee at the age of 12 for his father’s bakery in Lebanon. Henry then moved to the United States in the early ’70s and purchased House of Coffee in 1983. He has been hand-roasting coffee ever since. Hrag had a similar upbringing in working for his father’s coffee shop since age 13. He, however, did not fall in love with the coffee business right away. Hrag worked in corporate finance for 10 years before joining the company in 2013 to carry on the family tradition. At this point, they only sold coffee from their store and completed about 30 e-commerce orders per month. Therefore, he focused on the growth of e-commerce and the expansion into grocery stores. He knew the brand needed to refresh in order to stand out on the shelf and from the competition. This started with redesigning their custom coffee bags. They ordered bags from a local manufacturer in LA that utilized traditional printing methods involving plate charges, color fees and long lead times. Hrag took to the internet to find a better solution and reached out to others in the industry to get their suggestion of where to get custom coffee packaging.

With Roastar they were able to order a minimum 500 side-gusseted bags with their unique design and have them delivered in days, not weeks. Our simple pricing structure made it easy to order with no hidden fees and flat rate shipping. The ability to print multiple artwork files in a single run meant it was possible for Hrag to bring multiple coffee blends to market. The flexibility of digitally printed coffee bags offers Hrag a canvas to communicate his story to potential customers. Our X-rite color matching technology ensured his brand color would stay consistent for every single one of his custom printed coffee bags. In order to keep his coffee as fresh as possible for their customers, they use our one-way degassing valve. They also take advantage of our tin-tie feature for easy resealing.

Armed with all these new features, Hrag sets out to dominate the coffee business. Since 2013 Hrag has increased online orders to 500 a month and sells its coffee in over 100 grocery stores. He credits Roastar for paving the way to success by allowing them to test different roasts in stores without having to order an abundance of bags. Hrag took advantage of our low MOQ and released a limited edition coffee bag that was designed by an Armenian artist. This limited bag (and roast) was a great way to showcase the Kalebjian Family’s rich Armandina culture.

The flexibility of printing their coffee bags digitally with Roastar pivoted the company’s path in a whole new direction. The sky’s the limit when it comes to custom packaging possibilities with Roastar. Start your bag project today!

posted October 02, 2019