Something BIG is coming to Roastar on August 31st!

August 30, 2021
Custom Printed 5lb Bag
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We’ve been in business for 10 years and wanted to celebrate in a HUGE way! You’ve asked and we’ve made it happen, custom-printed 5lb side gusseted bags are finally here and ready to help you make a ‘Top-Shelf’ impression with your product.

Starting on August 31st, 2021, these bags will be available for our customers to customize and order right through

For those wondering, here are some additional ‘Need to know’
facts about this sizeable packaging:

  • They have a towering 19” height

    • Which means 3 stacked up is almost the same height as Danny DeVito

  • They come available with valves at 6” down on the front.        

  • Resealable Bag Tape (CLICK HERE) is the best way to reclose these bags.

    •   Zippers and Tin Ties not available

    •  Ask your customer service agent about Custom Printed Bag Tape!

Although we are willing to bet these will be a hit for you and your product, you can order as little as 1000 bags (100 bags per sku) to get your product on the shelf and out the door.

If you would like to see this awesome new product for yourself, feel free to order a sample pack right through our website or reach out to your customer service agent to send one out the door for you today. We’re so excited about this product, that we can barely contain ourselves!

posted August 30, 2021