Custom-Printed 2lb. Side-Gusseted Bags Are Here!

June 01, 2021
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2lb Side Gusseted Bag
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Something New… And 2lbs. of Fun!

Have you heard?! It’s officially here! Roastar now offers a fully custom-printed 2lb. Side-Gusseted bag!

Some of you Veteran customers may remember years back, we gave the 2lb. game a try and it did not move forward. We have since then grown both our team and our capacity. We have also updated and made additions to our production floor to help not only produce, but perfect this new product! With the arrival of some new equipment, this new bag size is available and will have low minimums and quick turnaround times!

A little information you may want to know about these bags:

  • They are 14.375” tall & have a standard side-gusset seal

    • FUN FACT: This is about one-fifth as tall as Michael Jordan!!


  • They are being produced using the same materials as our other side gusseted bags (12.85” & 9.6” sizes) 

  • They are available with valves, placed at 5” down on the front 

  • We will not be offering tin ties or zippers on these bags but we are happy to help you with Resealable Bag Tape!

  • This bag should hold approx. 2lbs of Coffee (HINT: this is almost the same weight as 5 hamsters…but not recommended in our bags)

The 2lb. side gusseted bags will now be included in our sample pack going out to our customers, so feel free to order one today!

posted June 01, 2021