What’s the buzz? We’ve launched the first digitally printed coffee cans.

June 23, 2022
Tin Cans
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What’s the buzz? We’re launching the first digitally printed coffee cans.

We can’t help it — we love making history. We did it in 2011 with the industry’s first low-volume, custom-printed bag. Over the years, we’ve continued to improve our customer offerings through new product development, our online ordering platform, maintaining low minimum order quantities, and remarkably fast turnaround times. All in the name of making beautiful custom packaging more widely accessible for the masses. And in 2022, we’re dropping our next hit single: digitally-printed coffee cans.

Give us the scoop.

Featuring the same customization options and variable data printing you know and love in your flexible packaging, the new tin canisters offer a 360-degree canvas for your brand to showcase artwork in a metallic or opaque finish. One-hundred percent curbside recyclable, Roastar's custom coffee cans promote sustainability alongside functionality. As with all Roastar’s products, the cans are manufactured in the United States — from raw materials to finished, custom-printed packaging.

What about the specs?

Our new custom-printed coffee tin cans stand 5.5 inches tall by 4.0625 inches wide, holding up to 12oz. Cans are beaded with sleeves of valved, peelable seam tops to retain peak freshness and three recyclable lid options: silver metal or plastic in black or clear. Boasting the highest oxygen barrier around, our tin canisters with lids protect coffee freshness longer than any other packaging. And of course, you can expect the same low MOQs we’ve always promised, with a minimum order of 100 cans.

We heard you loud and clear.

Many of you shared your long-held desire for branded cans with us. We wanted to make something that ticked the boxes: an emphasis on sustainability, reducing labor costs, moving away from labeled cans and plastic packaging, and packing a whole lot of style. We’re so excited to share these cans with you. We’re even more excited to see how you make them your own. Get started with a quote, then get ready to turn heads.

posted June 23, 2022