They make the yeast. Their customers make the beer. We make the bags.

May 25, 2021
Propper Seltzer Stand Up Pouch
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We connected with Shannon at Omega Yeast to learn more about their
industry and why Roastar was a great fit for their packaging needs. Check it

Hello, Shannon! OK, for those who have no idea, tell us about Omega Yeast.

Omega Yeast produces fresh, high-quality, and pitch-ready liquid yeast for Probrewers
and Homebrewers. We're in dedicated crew in Chicago and St. Louis—including a
handful of microbiologists, homebrewers, professional brew staff, and craft
beer fans who have made it our express purpose to make brewing easier and
better for everyone.

So how the heck did you hear about Roastar?

We’re close to the folks at Dark Matter Coffee and once we found out they work with
you for their bags we were sold!

Ah, that makes sense. We love the folks at Dark Matter. OK, so talk to us about your
products and how Roastar provided a solution.

We have a lot of innovative products that we want to get out there. Once we
have a great idea and we vet it through research and data, we are excited to push
them out. We never want to compromise our fun, creative side because our vendor
can't handle a ridiculously silly element we had our hearts set on. Because
we’re in a cool industry, and our customers are creative, we want our stuff to
be playful and beautiful as well as groundbreaking for brewing and craft beer.
Roastar steps up and does that for Omega Yeast.

What were you looking for in a packaging company?

First impressions are important, and in the beer industry we’re used to looking
at cool design from authentic individuals. We’re excited about the work we do
and want to spend as much time developing cool stuff rather than hammering out
the back and forth in the design process. We appreciated that Roastar’s website
had info that was easy to navigate, and then upload, design, and track orders.
All of that ease helps me get back to the cool stuff we’re working on with beer,
without missing a beat.

Was there a favorite moment in the process of working with Roastar?

We knew what packaging solution we wanted, but it was really helpful to get
Roastar’s sample box so we could see for real what the materials would look and
feel like. That really helped cut down on decision-making time and built
confidence since we were first-time customers. The materials were quality and
just being able to really visualize how our new baby was going to look kept the
excitement growing at Omega. A product launch is an exciting time for us -- we
believe in what we’re doing and are excited to get this stuff into brewers'
hands to help them brew better, or more easily, or just more -- so it’s great
to have this part of the process to help build momentum.

So how did you implement our solution?

It was a totally new product launch, so we got Propper Seltzer packaged up and
on the market so brewers can turn out some badass seltzers. How did Roastar
help us do that? You sent us the stuff we needed, the right specs, high
quality, and on time. It was cool to be able to do live chat, email, or contact
you, however was convenient for me. You gave us what we asked for without
delays, specifically fast turnaround. Once we have a proven advantage for
brewers and we’re excited about a design, it's a great business advantage to
have it out fast.

What was the initial reaction to our product?

When we got the sample box, the artwork popped, it was so clean, smoothly
printed, and the color was on point. It let us stop wondering if the packaging
would be right, and get back to being excited about this cool thing that
brewers are going to love. Knowing we were then less than a month from seeing
it hit the shelves was an exciting marker.

Since implementation, your packaging has helped in the sense that our industry
is really hip, so it’s important that stuff that looks great on the shelf and
for social media. It has to be quality because at the end of the day, this is a
tool that brewers need to use and it has to stand up to whatever wear and tear
happen in the brewhouse (or shed). Color matching our brand colors is important
too for consistency.

What have you been most impressed with Roastar?

We like the company you keep! When you’re making handmade craft products like
we are, you need to see and feel that quality in the packaging, too. We see
cool brands using your stuff, companies whose products we know and love, like
Dark Matter, specifically. Their coffee is to die for, and they carry that
through to the look and feel of the materials they use.

What plans do you have to use Roastar in the future?

When we find a provider who is really into what they do like we are, we want to keep
working with them. We’re all about being excited about being the best at what
we do, and from what we’ve seen so far, Roastar seems authentically into that,
too. We want to keep growing with the people we work with, and we hope our
relationship with the nice folks at Roastar continues to be chill.

Is there anything we can improve upon?

Hmmmm, what do you send customers for the holidays? Sometimes we get popcorn. Not
bragging, just saying! :)

Hey, Will! How about some popcorn for the fine folks at Omega this winter?!?!

Thanks to Shannon for connecting with us and talking brew and bags! We look forward to watching Omega Yeast and their global domination!

posted May 25, 2021