Rogue Origin Customers Go “Gaga” Over Roastar’s Metallic on Matte Packaging Solution

February 05, 2021
Rouge Origin Stand Up Pouch
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As the cannabis industry continues to boom all over the country, brands are looking for top-shelf packaging that breaks through the clutter. Rogue Origin, a CBD hemp flower and prerolls brand based in Southern Oregon, came to Roastar for their packaging solution.

We sat down (ok, we Zoomed) with Jay McDowell of Autonomy, the agency that handled the bag production process for Rogue Origin, to discuss the Roastar experience. 


How did you find Roastar?

We did a lot of evaluation and searching in the crowded cannabis packaging space that has been a gold rush of companies trying to get in the game. We probably spent a good six weeks evaluating vendors.

So, why Roastar?

It came down to Roastar’s matte laminate with metallics effect bag material. They had some options that other competitors didn’t have. What was essential to Rogue was to present a mature and established look for a start-up brand, and they desired to come out of the gate with a top-shelf packaging solution.

How did you find the Roastar process?

I had worked on product packaging several years ago, and I remember our creative director was down in Mexico at the printer, so it was a bit disjointed. With Roastar, it was super smooth and seamless. I thought the entire ordering interface was easy to use, and Roastar’s customer service is exceptionally responsive. I even told my team, “Just call Roastar. They'll pick up the phone on the first try.”

How about production turnaround time?

Roastar made it clear and easy to understand the timelines. They also came in ahead of the timeline by a few weeks.

And what do Rogue Origin customers think of the packaging?

People are really “gaga” over the packaging. On our YouTube reviews, the bags are almost always something that the reviewers call out. So, you could say the bags were a smashing success. We have nothing but positive things to say about Roastar, and people just love the packaging.

What's next for Rogue Origin's packaging?

We printed the original four with Roastar, and now Rogue’s business is expanding. Everybody at Rogue loves Roastar and the packaging solution they provided.


Many thanks to Jay for hanging with Roastar and talking about our packaging solution for Rogue Origin. We appreciate it and look forward to working together again soon!

In the meantime, you can check out these reviews of Rogue Origin products here, and if you are interested in Roastar’s matte laminate with metallic effects packaging, please contact us today.

posted February 05, 2021