Why Roastar?

Just a bag? Nah. It’s the start of a beautiful relationship.

Whether you do it all online or with one of our customer service reps, your experience will be top-shelf.

When you work with Roastar, we don’t just want you to get awesome custom-printed bags, and fast. We want you to have a hassle-free project experience from beginning to end. We’re here to support you every step of the way, and hope you have fun, too. (We’re kinda fun ourselves. Well, at least we think we are.) Whether you prefer doing everything online or engage with us directly, we’ll still be making food, snack, vitamin, and coffee bags digitally under one roof right here in the USA. Hopefully our top-notch printing technology will keep you coming back, bag after bag, order after order.

Why choose Roastar for your custom-printed bags?

Sure, other people make bags. But nobody makes custom-printed bags like us.

Low minimum order quantities

Whether you’re just starting out, or just experimenting with something new, you sometimes have to start small. You can order as few as 500 custom-printed bags at first, and scale up to tens of thousands if needed. There are no special setup fees for smaller orders.

Fastest turnaround in the industry

Nobody likes long lead times, so we’re happy to be one of the fastest out there. Once we have approved artwork and proofs, your bag is turned around quickly and your bags are in your hands fast.

Custom-printing without the custom price tag

When you work with us, you can let your creativity run wild without fear of busting your budget. The beauty of digital printing is we don’t need to sneak in setup and tooling fees or pile on multiple plate charges. We love multiple designs with tons of colors and different artwork. Go nuts; your price won’t change.

Free flat press proofs

A professional, custom-printed bag can be a big deal in your brand’s evolution. We know it’s important to get the details right before your bag hits the presses. If our free digital proof isn’t quite enough, we’ll also send you a free flat press proof, or make you an actual converted bag proof for $400 (excluding Flat-bottom bags).

Our bags take your brand to the next level

Stamps and stickers have their place, but they’re limited, and don’t leave much room for your growing brand to stretch and grow. When we custom-print your unique, carefully crafted artwork over the full surface of our professional-grade, USA-made bags, you’ll love how it levels up your look.

Get creative with our variable data printing

Sometimes supporting your brand doesn’t just mean different bag designs. You might want serial numbers, scannable barcodes, or different images. Embrace the flexibility and unleash your creativity; with our technology, one bag doesn’t have to fit all.

About our unique project process.

Our online process keeps you in control and in touch with your custom printed bag projects, start to finish.
Every custom bag project we do at Roastar goes through a ver specific set of steps, from bag configuration to artwork approval to proofing to printing to delivery. We've taken our process and turned it ito an online tool you can use to create and manage your own projects. We want you to be in the driver's seat, and informed, at every step of the process, of how your project's going.

Here are the steps you'll take.

Get a free price quote.
Tell us about the bag you're interested in (size, material, features, quantity), and we'll give you an instant quote with estimated pricing. Fast, free, and easy. Start your quote now.
Start you bag.
When you’re ready to fire up a custom bag, log in to your account (or create one), and use our online dashboard to kick off your project. We’ll walk you through it, step by step. Create a project.
Send in your artwork.
After downloading the template for your bag and working with your designer, it’s time to send us your artwork. Our pre-press team will review your files and verify they’re ready to go. Learn more about our artwork requirements.
Get your proof(s).
From your approved artwork, you can elect to create proofs. You always get a free digital proof, but you can also request a free flat press proof to check artwork and colors. For $400 we’ll even create a converted sample bag proof for you.
Approve your proof and submit your bag order.
Once you’ve reviewed and approved your proofs, all that’s left is to decide how many bags you want and submit an order. We’ll save your bag project for easy future reorders, or as a template for new orders.
Watch for your bags!
Once your bags are printed, we’ll get them shipped out to you right away. Once your bags arrive, it’s time for the fun part: filling them with product and getting them on the shelf. We hope you love how they look. Send us a picture if you think of it. We’d love to see them in action.

When you work with Roastar, you work with a rock star team.

We’ve tried to make our online project process as self-serve as possible (and we think we’ve succeeded pretty well), but if you work with us on a project, you’ll find the creation of every bag is really powered by our dedicated team of customer service and pre-press superstars. Whether you need help selecting the right coffee bag for your product, setting up your artwork, ordering proofs, or tracking your custom-printed bag order, our team is standing by, ready to answer your questions (via chat, phone, or email), and make you feel supported every step of the way.

A lot of beautiful bags roll off our printers.