Sustainability meets old-school cool.

The next evolution of digitally-printed packaging! Perfectly retro and one-hundred percent curbside recyclable, our custom tin cans are a satisfying combination of style meets sustainability. A great choice for packaging dry goods – like coffee, tea, nuts, candy, and pet treats. Whether you’re looking for a recycling-friendly choice or a collector’s item suitable for gift giving, special events, or even repurposing into a planter — Roastar’s tin cans are sure to turn heads.

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Beaded Tin Can
Size: 4.0625” diameter × 5.5” height
Capacity: 8–12oz.
Print style: printed or labeled
Straight Tin Can
Size: 4.0625” diameter × 4” height
Capacity: 6-8oz.
Size: 4.0625” diameter × 7” height
Capacity: 10-16oz.
Print style: printed or labeled
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straight tin cans

Roastar offers 3 can sizes with two appealing print design looks. Our direct print and labeled cans are brimming with retro style, and come with your choice of seamer or hand applied valved end to retain peak freshness. Stand out from the crowd and tell your brand story on a 360 degree canvas!

  • Novelty collectors item
  • Curbside recycle friendly
  • No plate fees
  • 100% food safe
  • Printing styles: printed can or labeled can
  • Metal, clear, or black recyclable lid options
  • Valved end included (choice of seamer or hand applied)
  • Longest lasting freshness protection
  • Highest oxygen barrier of any packaging

Two closure options to seam your cans

Blank Cans Both Seam Options


We offer two valved-end options for sealing your tin cans - one requires a seamer, the other can be hand applied once your tin can has been filled with your product. Don’t have a seamer? Let's connect!

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The decade is the 1920’s. A time when doctors prescribed leeches for infections, women wore girdles and you couldn’t even hear movies. What was popular? Coffee in cans. Tin cans to be exact. 100 years later, we’re feeling retro, and we’ve been up to something big. We didn’t invent tin cans no, but we did find a way for the public to have access to a 100% recyclable packaging option, at a minimum order quantity of 100.