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Blank Peel & Stick End
Blank Packaging

Blank Tin Can end - Peel & Stick

Our blank tin can end keeps your can contents fresh under the lid. This valved can closure includes a easy to open pull tab and fits our 4", 5.5", and 7" can size options. It's made to be hand applied on a pre-seamed tin can and reaps the benefits of not having to purchase a packaging seamer.

4in 7in Straight Blank
Blank Packaging

Straight Tin Cans

Our straight coffee cans are offered in 2 sizes and holds 6–16 oz. of whole beans, standing 4" and 7” tall. Cans come with your choice of metal or plastic lids.

Custom Printed

Customize Your Tin Can

Our tin cans are offered in 3 sizes - standing 4", 5.5" or 7" tall and hold between 6–16 oz (depending on size) of whole beans. Each can comes with your choice of can seamer or hand applied peelable valved ends, and choice of metal or plastic lids.

Roastar has the most user-friendly language on its website to make it easy for people like us – educators and scientists! – to order bags. It's so easy to navigate and place the order. We love it.

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