Custom Printed Gusseted Bags

Strengthen your brand impression from every angle.

Our gusseted bags give your product a sleek, clean appearance while offering ample volume and great shelf stability. We can custom-print the entire bag surface to tell your brand story and let you really stand out on any shelf. The gussets expand as you’re bagging your coffee, tea, powdered goods, candy, pet treats, or other specialty products, showing off even more of your amazing artwork and providing a natural weight distribution to keep your bag upright. Best of all, all of our wholesale gusseted bags are printed using the highest quality digital printing technology. We also offer the fastest turnaround time in the industry, so you can get focus on what’s important: your business.


Roastar has the most user-friendly language on its website to make it easy for people like us – educators and scientists! – to order bags. It's so easy to navigate and place the order. We love it.

- Samantha L., Show Me the World Project

Show Me The World gusseted coffee bag

Your product deserves the best packaging.

It’s not just a bag, it’s part of your brand. When you order your custom-printed gusseted bags directly from Roastar, you can be confident you're getting the highest quality packaging. With our unique project process, we make it easy for you to craft the perfect artwork, set up and upload your designs, get proofs, order and reorder your entire line of wholesale gusseted bags online. With our USA-made product line, you can choose from features like de-gassing valves, zippers, tear notches, hang holes, and a variety of materials to make your bag your own. Our top-notch customer service staff will be with you every step of the way.

Frequently asked coffee packaging questions

The beauty of a gusseted bag is it expands as you fill it, giving you space and flexibility to play with in your packaging design. You’ll typically see gusseted bags filled with whole bean or ground coffee, but these bags also work well with tea, snacks, candy, pet treats, and more. Bonus points? Gusseted bags provide great shelf stability — once filled, they stand upright with no additional support.

To make your bags tamper proof, you’ll need to heat seal them after filling; this is true for all of our bags, regardless of type or material. We recommend using a heat sealer with an adjustable temperature gauge — our bags should be sealed between 120 and 130 degrees with a hold time of two to four seconds. Sealers without temperature control may run too hot and risk melting the material (no bueno).

Let’s talk science — gather ‘round, coffee snobs. Gases (including a bunch of carbon dioxide) are emitted after roasting and continue to emit even after your coffee is packaged. If the gases are trapped inside the package, this can cause the bag or pouch to inflate or bloat (not cute). Here’s where the degassing valve magic comes in. When pressure inside a sealed package increases beyond the valve opening pressure, a rubber disk in the valve momentarily opens to allow gas to escape out of the package. As gas is released — and the pressure inside the package drops below the valve close pressure — the valve closes. This one-way air valve is added to fresh roast and ground coffee bags to allow the carbon dioxide to easily escape and not allow in more oxygen, slowing the rate of reaction and increasing the lifespan of your lovely coffee. Mm, coffee.

We’re a designer-friendly company — we understand the importance of both design and designers when it comes to making your bag sing. If you’ve never designed for packaging, our best recommendation is to reach out to a designer for help with your artwork. We can’t overstate the value of an experienced designer when it comes to submitting an art file that will 1. get approved and 2. look AWESOME. In need of a designer? Check out our Designer Directory. We have a large list of designers, ready to help you swag your bag!

Whether you work with a Roastar certified designer or you bring your own design to the table, your file will have to be set up according to our press ready guide; this guide will walk you through all of the technical must-haves your artwork needs in order to be ready to print. A helpful tip from us to you? Start with the correct template.

Here’s the rundown on gusseted bag minimums.

All of our gusseted bag sizes have a minimum of 500 — this minimum can be broken down further into 100 per artwork file or design.

Looking for minimums on other items? They vary based on product, so be sure to check out our minimum order quantities FAQ.

Sustainability is limited by region — most municipalities cannot recycle flexible packaging pouches. Bummer, right?

But we’ve never let limitations stop us before. In lieu of recyclable flexible pouches, we do offer two compostable material options in compostable Kraft Laminate and compostable White Laminate; you can find more information in our Materials Guide. If you want to stick with a recycling option, check out our 100% recyclable tin cans.

Digital printing as a whole is a great sustainability choice. Digitally printing on packaging materials produces much less waste than traditional printing. We’re currently researching other sustainable and eco-friendly options for 2023, so stay tuned!