Oregon Cannabis Packaging Regulations

August 14, 2018
Oregon Cannabis Packaging Regulations
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Pioneering legalized recreational cannabis use way back in 2014, Oregon set itself apart as a leader in change. Change is inevitable, right? And just like the old Heraclitus saying, “The only thing that is constant is change.”, the cannabis packaging industry is no different. Since the legalization of recreational marijuana use, continuous law and regulation changes have made it challenging to keep up with. 

A running theme for all states that have legalized recreational cannabis is all packaging is required to be child resistant. To be certified child resistant, the package must be tested by a qualified third-party to determine it meets the standards listed in 16 CFR 1700. These standards are based on the difficulty for children under the age of 5 to open the package. 

Roastar has developed a line of marijuana packaging that offers tear-resistant material paired with the Secure Stash Zipper, making it certified child-resistant packaging.  But keep in mind it’s the retailer/dispensaries' responsibility to ensure all cannabis leaves their premises in a child-resistant package one way or another. Example: Edibles already in certified packaging must be placed in an opaque bag. A simple solution to products not already in child-resistant packaging is to place the item in exit packaging. Our bags are designed to seal multiple cannabis items in certified child-resistant packaging.

Like California, Oregon requires an information panel and universal symbol displayed on the outside of the package. The purpose of these requirements is to inform customers exactly what they are getting and how to properly consume it. Hey, who doesn’t love that?

posted August 14, 2018