This thing between us has gotten pretty serious. Time to put a label on it.

Before anyone tries the drink you’ve worked so hard on, they’re going to judge what it’s wearing. A beautiful, memorable label invites first-time customers to discover something delicious; consider it one part business card, one part work of art. If you’ve ever paused while scanning a store’s beverage shelf to admire a striking design, you know what we mean. Ensures your cold brew label stands out from the rest.

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Three popular picks with tons of customization

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(7.5-8.5 oz. can)
Slim Beverage Label
Label size: 3.25” x 7” rectangle
Fits a standard “mini” beverage can
(11-12 oz. can)
Slim Beverage Label
Label size: 5.25” x 7” rectangle
Fits a typical seltzer or protein drink can
(11-12 oz. can)
Standard Beverage Label
Label size: 3.625” x 8” Rectangle
Fits a standard-size beverage can

Whether your beverage lives in a tall, miniature, or run-of-the-mill can, our awesome print quality and wide range of finishes create waterproof labels made to stay on and stand out.

  • Trophy Star Icon High-quality printing
  • Shape Icon Blue SVG A perfect fit for most 8 oz and 12 oz cans
  • Blue Ban Icon No plate fees
  • Blue Snowflake Icon Cold-temperature adhesive
  • Blue Shipping Truck Icon Quick turnaround times
  • Blue List icon Auto-label compatible
  • Blue Roll Labels Icon Labels arrive finished on rolls
  • Waterproof Blue SVG Waterproof

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