How do I add metallic effects to my bag artwork?

Metallic effects create a stunning look and add dimension to your artwork. It allows you to highlight important elements on your bag by adding a subtle shine! Gloss Laminate with Metallic Effects will achieve an eye-popping effect, while Matte Laminate with Metallic Effects will allow for a more subtle high-end look.

How we do it:

The base material of the entire bag is silver metallic.  When we print your artwork on the metallic material, it gives an effect that looks like a metallic ink.  Any portions of the artwork that you do not wish to appear metallic will have a layer of white ink printed underneath to block out the metallic effect.

How to set up your artwork:

To indicate where your metallic effects should show through, please create a separate Metallic Effects layer within your artwork file.  Place any areas that should print directly on the material and appear metallic on this layer.

Check out our instruction video here

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