California Cannabis Packaging

July 19, 2018
California Cannabis Packaging Regulations
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The speed of cannabis packaging regulations can be hard to keep up with. Each state has their own nuances when it comes to specific packaging requirements. In California, all products cultivated after January 1, 2018 must be compliant to California’s Cannabis Packaging regulations. The focal point of these packaging requirements is that all cannabis must be packaged in Certified Child Resistant materials. The Certification part of this is vital to meet California packaging guidelines. 

Conveniently, Roastar’s tear-resistant material paired with the Slide-Rite® Child-Guard® Track & Slider zipper passed as certified child-resistant packaging. California is placing emphasis that cannabis packaging must be tamper evident.  This means all pouches and bags that contain cannabis must be heat sealed to ensure the product was not accessed prior to purchase. If your product contains multiple servings, it must be re-sealable after being opened. The consequences for not complying with these requirements can be costly if your product is caught in violation.  

It’s crucial to have a thorough knowledge of all the nooks and crannies of California’s regulations for cannabis packaging. The basis of these requirements is to protect children from product consumption and to provide the customer full knowledge of the product and guidelines. It’s best to align your business with these procedures and practices to keep your business booming. 

For the complete description of requirements click the link below and see subchapter 5.

An encompassing list of all state regulations can be found at the link below.

posted July 19, 2018