The Roastar bag project process.

A step-by-step guide to make things go oh-so-smoothly...

Our unique bag project process keeps you in touch with your bag projects, start to finish.

Every custom bag project we do at Roastar goes through a very specific set of steps, from bag configuration to artwork approval to proofing to printing to delivery. Our team’s been doing this for a while, and we know what needs to happen to make a bag project successful. Now, we’ve taken what we know about that ideal process and turned it into an online tool you can use to create and manage your own bags. We want you to be in the driver’s seat. We want you to feel in control. We want you to be in touch and informed, at every step of the process, of how your bag project’s going.

How our bag project process works.

Get a free price quote (optional)
Use our online quote form to tell us about the bag or pouch you want for your product, and we’ll give you a fast, free, no-strings-attached quote with an estimated price. Be prepared to answer a few questions about size, material, features, and quantity, and we’ll get you the info you need to get started. Generate as many quotes as you want, for as many different bag configurations as you might need. Once the quote’s created, you can email it to yourself and easily create a bag from it later. Start my free quote now
Start your bag
When you’re ready to start a bag, you can log in to your account -- or create one -- and use our online dashboard to create a bag. After giving your bag a name, you’ll configure the bag or pouch you want (or we’ll pre-fill this, if you’re starting from a quote). You’ll tell us about the bag size, material, and special features like de-gassing valves or tin ties, and then move on to the fun part – creating and submitting your bag artwork based on the Roastar artwork template that’s perfect for your bag. Create my bag
Create and submit your artwork

After downloading the appropriate template for your bag (we will attach it automatically after you configure your bag), it’s time to create your beautiful bag artwork. And now we have to share some real talk: Here’s where we find things can get sticky. Custom-printed bag artwork is a bad place for a DIY approach. That’s why we’ve put together resources to help this go more smoothly.

First, you have to make an important decision: Are you a designer, or do you have access to a designer?

If the answer is yes, we’ve collected resources just for designers. Make sure to review and follow our Artwork Specifications closely, and work with our pre-press team on any nitty-gritty questions.

If you’re not a designer and you don’t have one on tap, please don’t go it alone. Review our artwork resources for business stakeholders. Find a designer and work with them. We can even help you get connected with someone great. Trust us on this one. Your bag will go much more smoothly.

After you’ve got those artwork files optimized, in the correct template for your chosen bag, and fully adhering to our artwork specifications, it’s time to log in to your account, open your bag and send us your designs. Our pre-press team will review your files and verify they’re ready to go. If anything’s amiss, we’ll send information back to you with detail on what needs fixing before we can proceed.

Learn more about our artwork requirements

See our resources for designers

See our resources for business stakeholders

Get your proof(s)

Once Roastar pre-press approves your artwork file(s), we’ll automatically create a digital proof (PDF) and will ask you to review and approve it. If it’s not quite right, you can reject it and tell us what’s wrong, and we’ll work with you on correcting it.

Once you approve a digital proof, we’ll ask you to specify which physical proof you’d like. We can send you a free flat press proof to check artwork and colors or, if you want something a little more “real,” we can create a converted sample bag proof for you for an additional $400 (excluding Flat-bottom bags).

Here’s a little more real talk on keeping your project successful: don’t skip the physical proof. While you can waive a physical proof and move ahead with an order solely based on the digital proof, we don’t recommend it. Your bags are a big deal. We want to make sure what comes off our presses matches your expectations.

Approve your physical proof and submit your bag order
Once you’ve reviewed and approved your physical proof, all that’s left is to decide how many bags you want and submit an order. Once we have at least one approved proof attached to your bag, you can submit your bag order at any time. And, even after you order, we’ll save your bag for easy future reorders, or as a template for new orders.
Watch for your bags!
Once your bags are printed, we’ll get them shipped out to you right away. Once your bags arrive, it’s time for the fun part: filling them with product and getting them on the shelf. We hope you love how they look. Send us a picture if you think of it. We’d love to see them in action.