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October 27, 2022
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Where Packaging Meets The Whole Package.

Here at Roastar, it’s never been just about packaging for us. Sure, we want you to have awesome packaging that makes your brand stand out — that’s a given. Our custom-printed packaging is like modern art (stick with us here); it’s interesting to look at, but the real message is in the origin of the work. From the beginning, we’ve been laser-focused on addressing a major gap in the world of packaging: meeting the needs of the customers.

Sounds simple, right? How could an entire industry run without considering the customer? Why was it so hard for small businesses to order packaging? And why did it take ages to get your packaging? We asked ourselves these same questions.

Back in 2011, the market was different. Independent coffee roasters had to buy their bags from China (talk about inconvenient). To make matters worse, the minimum order quantity was outrageously high, making short runs all but impossible for the little guy. It didn’t make sense to us — so we decided to shake things up.

Just call us Packaging Pioneers.

The first thing to go? That whole overseas business. We settled our headquarters in Wisconsin where we could digitally print and ship orders across the country in a matter of days. Nice. We weren’t fond of the large volumes customers were forced into, and because we digitally print, we were able to do away with those too.

One of the biggest hurdles early on was finding a way to improve the antiquated ordering system — in the twenty-first century, why did people still have to order packaging by phone? We channeled our efforts into revolutionizing the project process, streamlining the entire experience into a simple-to-use online dashboard that allowed you control at every phase.

It wasn’t easy. But the goal wasn’t about us; it was about you. With the amount of time, energy, and passion that you poured into your business, the last thing you deserved was to get stuck on hold trying to order packaging. We had a vision of a process where you could place your order at any time of day, completely online, and without all the back-and-forth hassle — so we made it happen.

Above all, we listened to the customer. When you needed a one-stop shop for all your packaging needs, we made sure we stocked everything from bag tape to rollstock. When you wanted to measure the scale of our 5 lb. stand-up pouches by the height of Danny DeVito, we came through for you. (On second thought, maybe you never asked for that last one). Our partnership with the small business community has been, and always will be, the driving force behind our innovation. That's why when you asked us for something more sustainable, like digitally printed tin cans, we delivered.

Now entering: the new era of Roastar.

Here we are over a decade later, with a smörgåsbord of new products, ridiculous ad campaigns, and packaging innovations under our belts. With all of the additions, and a fully reimagined ordering process to boot, we suddenly realized: Fast & Easy Top-Shelf Bags isn’t going to cut it anymore. And thus began our existential crisis.

Just kidding. But we knew that our many years of pursuing innovation in every touch point of the product process meant it was time for a brand refresh — and the first thing we had to confront was that tagline. Highlighting bags is great if you’re all about bags, but we had so much more to say.

For months, we toiled over this seemingly elusive tagline update. Fists were shaken. Tears were shed. We thought about giving up altogether and pursuing the jazz flute. And then one day, there it was. The Whole Package. It fit like a glove.

Our new tagline speaks to more than packaging. It represents our dedication to providing ease and convenience for small business owners, our commitment towards setting the trend, and our mission to deliver the most legendary customer experience in the game. Most importantly, it stands for our dedication in being the packaging partner that you deserve.

Shout-out to you.

And that brings us to the real hero of this story.

Whether you’re new or old to the Roastar club (matching track jackets pending), thank you for trusting us with your business. Your tireless work and dogged determination inspire us to match your enthusiasm with the best possible packaging experience.

We couldn’t deliver The Whole Package without you.

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posted October 27, 2022