NOLA was a whole lot of YESLA!

May 31, 2018
Roastar at NOLA
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Well, we made it back from MJBizConNEXT in NOLA in one piece. As did Herbert J. Buddington III. If you were there, met us and were able to check out some of our custom cannabis packaging, you’ll know who HJB3 is…more on him later.

We were excited to get to New Orleans and talk about cannabis packaging. A lot of discussion was centered around the future of cannabis packaging and design regulation. We spoke to many inquiring minds about Canadian design restriction that will require bland artwork on cannabis packaging. Exciting stuff and always good to keep an eye on it if you're in our biz! 

A big hit at the show was our newest product, the child-resistant and tear-resistant cannabis bag. It’s a Child-Guard Zipper that does the trick, making our bags kid-proof and, at times, adult proof (we won’t mention any names here…for now.) 

At any cannabis trade show or conference, you get a lot of questions. Here are some we were asked in NOLA:

“Is every Roastar bag child resistant?” That would be a “no.” 

“So…what sizes does this fancy childproof bag come in?” When people ask this, we usually send them here to see what sizes they can get for what price. If you have any issues getting a quote, let us know, we’ll hook you up!

“Do you dudes have a fully compostable cannabis bag?” Simple answer: not yet. But it’s coming. Watch this space, everybody. It’s gonna’ be good. And it’s gonna’ be compostable, too.

“What does hoof resistant mean?” Um…this?

“Which state requires which cannabis child-resistant regulation?” Sorry, that’s not our jam. You’ll have to look that one up yourself for now. We’ll plan on blogging about it later, though, as it seems to be a hot topic.

“Do you guys just do pet treats?” Nah. Edibles, flowers, teas, single-doses, and whatever else you are making with mother earth’s herb, there’s a damn good chance we can make a bag for it, including cannabis capsules and CBD/THC oils.

“Is that a deer?” No, ma'am. Herbert J. Buddington III is a waterbuck. A little backstory on HJB3…he played lacrosse at prep school. We’ll share more on him in later Roastar blog posts. There’s so, so much to share.

This has been Roastar, thee Cadillac of cannabis packaging companies, telling you to have a good one, and remember…not just any cannabis packaging will do in today’s high society!

Later, Y'all.

posted May 31, 2018