Designer Showcase: Bo Anshutz, Anshutz Design’s Front Man

September 17, 2020
Fight Night Gusseted Coffee Bag
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Name: Bo Anshutz

Specialty: Packaging design & branding   

Location: Gilbert, Arizona

Favorite Color: Brown, charcoal, slate. 

Favorite Design: Big Winner 

We’ve known Bo Anshutz of Anshutz Design for a long time, but we didn’t realize we’d known Bo for such a long time until we did this interview. When we talked to Bo, we asked how long he’d been working with Roastar, his response, “Since Will answered the phones”. 

Well then, I guess you could say we’ve grown up together, considering Bo’s been around since the early years when our founder, Will Reif, was taking orders. And because he’s worked with the Roastar team for decades, Bo knows the ins and outs of the bag business and works hard to get you the design of your dreams. His motto, we’re not finished until you’re happy, is the backdrop for his long-standing success, and has thrust Anshutz Design into the spotlight as one of our customers’ favorite partners to work with. Let’s dive in and learn more about Bo, his business, his passion for sharing packaging design with his customers, and how you can connect with him on future projects. 

Bo’s Background.

Bo Anshutz, Anshutz Designs’ Owner, and Graphic Designer grew up in South Dakota and is an entrepreneur by blood. Having watched his father and brother found and manage their own businesses, Bo always knew he wanted to do the same.

After getting his start in the graphic design business working for Sprouts Farmer’s Market as their Art Director, Bo was ingrained in the packaging world, FDA laws and all. As time went on, he constantly found himself trying to source good, reliable vendors for work, and noticed an opportunity in the marketplace. Bo took a leap of faith and started his own business and hasn’t looked back. In almost 15 years running his own packaging design firm, Bo has worked with companies, big and small, all across the world. He’s worked with clients who have roasted over 2 million pounds of coffee a year to smaller, mom and pop coffee shops.

Working with Bo.

Bo wants the best for your business, so usually, he likes to hop on a call and learn more about your company and your product. With his production expertise, Bo might make some recommendations or give you some things to think about when considering your design. He’s an honest, truthful partner, so if this is your first product to market, he might ask you to consider what additional bags might look like in the future. That’s not because he wants more projects, but really, he’s trying to get you to think about if color coding is going to be your brand’s distinguishing factor or if you’re considering other elements that will tie your brand together in the long run. He wants to help you envision where your brand will end up, not what you need right this second. 

When it comes to proofs, there’s no limit there. Bo wants you to get what you want without being limited or settling, but he’ll be honest he’s never really had a customer go past two or three rounds of edits.

Bo’s Design Tips.

When it comes to design, trust the person you’re working with, says Anshutz. Make sure you choose the right partner. Bo says it’s not solely about the design, that’s just the half of it. Know who your target audience is, what makes them tick, and what’s going to make them buy your brand off a shelf. You want to be able to collaborate with your designer and get the right design that will make you stand out, so trust that your designer has your best interest in mind. 

Don’t forget to be inviting and limit the number of assets you’re putting on the bag. People don’t want to read full paragraphs on the packaging, they want to connect with your product.

Want to hire Bo for your next project? Contact Anshutz Design today

posted September 17, 2020