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16 Apr

Condor Coffee

Though we make custom-printed coffee bags for thousands of companies in the coffee industry who are located all over the country, one of our long-standing customers is right in our backyard.

Condor Coffee Company out of Wausau, Wisconsin (where we live) has Chilean roots but is taking over our region as one of the top coffee companies around. With humble beginnings, Condor Coffee started selling coffee beans at their local farmers market in 2012. Their coffee became so popular they were selling out regularly. They pride themselves in providing fresh artisan small batch coffee that highlights only the best characteristics and flavors for each particular bean. We've been making bags for Condor for years now, and we've always thought their approach and bag needs exemplifies our commitment to small businesses in the coffee industry.

We got to hang out with Ivan for an afternoon and had him tell us how things work there and how our coffee bags fit into the Condor Coffee equation. Take a look.