Cannabis Packaging Tips During COVID-19

April 13, 2020
HFL truffle cannabis packaging
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COVID-19 is causing chaos across the country and people are looking for ways to unplug and unwind. As daily news about the pandemic can be worrisome, people are turning to CBD and cannabis products to calm their nerves. As more and more health measures are instituted to limit the impact of the virus, Roastar is here to help. See how Roastar’s safe and secure packaging can help your CBD and cannabis business limit the spread of coronavirus.

Elimination of “smell jars”.

One recommended health measure is the elimination of smell jars. As cannabis aficionados know, glass jars can be a preferred method for containing edibles and flower because of their airtight lids, see-through packaging and child-resistant features. What you may not know, is that we offer the same thing, but in bag form, and you don’t need to purchase an additional label you can print your design right on the bag. We offer tamper evident single-dose bags and tear resistant, multi-dose bags with child-resistant zippers. Our cannabis-specific bags can be produced with windows to give customers as sneak-peek of your products and both bag options can be fully printed with your cannabis or CBD brand. 

Promoting pre-packaged products instead of deli-style service wherever possible.

Online ordering and pick-up options are now the preferred way to get your meals, your groceries and everything in between, and cannabis is no exception. The process of customers shopping in dispensaries and selecting their preferred products now needs to move to online ordering and pick-ups. To make things smoother for cannabis companies, Roastar offers high-quality, custom printed cannabis packaging so all orders can be packed safely and securely at the grower’s or manufacturer’s facility, therefore eliminating the risk of contamination. You can trust that your edibles, flower and more will arrive to customers fresh, safely and securely.

There are many other safety precautions that have been instituted for the cannabis industry, but these are just a few that we can help with. If you’re looking for more information, contact your local officials as regulations vary from state to state. Once you’ve reviewed your areas’ regulations and are ready for production, our team would be happy to help you build your perfect packaging. 

posted April 13, 2020