1,000 bag minimum for flat-bottom pouches, the lowest in the industry!

February 07, 2022
1,000 bag minimum for flat-bottom pouches, the lowest in the industry!
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Why do minimums matter?

Have you ever wondered why we have certain minimums? Why are they different from our competitors? A lot comes into play when deciding the appropriate minimum order quantity, especially our equipment capacity. We are growing rapidly, and working to increase our production capabilities, that means we are not only updating our equipment, but also bringing in newer machines that have a faster bag production rate. As compared to some of our flexographic printing competitors, we print everything digitally, meaning no plates, less issues with color registration and faster setup times. Because we don’t use plates, we can quickly and easily switch the art that is printing right in line. This gives us the opportunity to break down our already low minimums, even lower. For example, our gusseted bags have a MOQ of 500 bags, but within that 500, you can break that down even lower, to 100 bags per artwork file, as long as the material and features remain the same. Now that’s low! Although our flat-bottom bag minimum isn’t quite that low yet, we were still able to drop it from 3,000 to 1,000 bags! A huge decrease that we are excited to share with our entrepreneur driven customer base, as they work to start up their business. The 1,000 flat-bottom bag minimum can be broken down like this: 1,000 per artwork file – you can then order in increments of 100 once the 1,000 minimum per design/version is met.

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posted February 07, 2022