Choose your bag style:

Flat bottom pouches combine maximum shelf stability, a classy appearance, and unmatched practicality for packaging coffee and a variety of other consumer products.


Our gusseted bags give your brand the punch it needs to stand out on a crowded retail shelf space. Use the entire surface of the bag to make your brand tell your story.


Stand up pouches from Roastar offer excellent packaging versatility. These pouches offer a practical solution for packaging coffee, tea and a variety of food products.


Our flat pouches are a perfect solution for coffee samples or single servings. In addition, flat pouches are ideal for hotels, resorts or special occasions/events. Add another line to equal the others.


How Roastar Works

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Quote & Order Process
  1. We just need to grab a couple of details about what you’re interested in – bag size, material, de-gassing valve, tin tie, and quantity. With this info we’ll kick out a price instantly. Fast, free and easy.

  2. We provide a template that your bag artwork will need to be formatted to. When you’re done formatting you can upload your artwork directly to our site. Your artwork will then be reviewed be our pre-press department. If we see any issues we will let you know.

  3. Upon receiving your artwork, we’ll ship out a production bag sample of your artwork in just 2-3 business days. The sample will be shipped to you via UPS Ground free of charge.

  4. The bag proof you will receive is a real deal sample. This is what your bag order will look like. Examine your bag proof carefully for copy and color accuracy, fill it with beans, and test it out. Proceed with your order by signing into your account and selecting ‘bag proof approved’. You can also let us know approval status by giving us a call.

  5. With your approval of the bag proof, we will get your order produced and shipped in just 5 business days. Shipping via UPS Ground is free! Expedited ship method are available if needed.